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Young Musicians Course

Ages 6 - 9

0161_Music Camp 2019 copy.jpg

Class Length: 50 minutes      

Class Size: 12 students max 

Tuition: $110 per month 

Class Meets Once a Week

Summer Enrollment is OPEN!




FULL!     FULL!     FULL!

Check back in August!

This course introduces the older beginner to music through full, fun engagement! Beginning skills, which can be tedious to learn when studying alone, are accomplished quickly with the motivation of other students and a variety of activities. Materials are upbeat and capture your child's musical imagination. 

Classes Include: 

Keyboard Playing, Expressive Singing, Harmony, Solfege Singing, Ear Training, Music Notation, Rhythm Training, Ensemble, Solo and Group Performances. 

FULL!     FULL!     FULL!

ENROLL NOW! Sign up for a Trial Lesson or Open House- have a free class, meet the teachers, and learn about the Yamaha Curriculum. Sign Up HERE.

Call the office with questions: 480.926.4441

2016 NJOC_Kylie Smith Ensemble
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