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Welcome to East Valley Yamaha Music School

 Internationally recognized in 43 countries

Currently over 600,000 students worldwide

Highly qualified teachers with advanced degrees

Courses start as young as 2.5 years

High correlation between music study and math & science advancements

Where kids love playing music.

We are an  
ESA Approved 

Yamaha Courses

Ages 2-3

Music makes a young child's brain happy and gives them advantages that last a lifetime. This class sets your child up for success in our Junior Music Course.

Ages 4-5

At age 4, a child's ears and mind are finely tuned to capture the most essential musical skills. Learning music at this age has been proven to increase a child's brain capacity for life.

Ages 6-9

A 6-9 year old is ready to combine logic and imagination to achieve solid musical skills with their friends. Music study also increases their abstract reasoning, problem solving and emotional well being.

What people are saying about EVYMS:

Yamaha music school will leave an impact on my life for ever. Piano is such a fun and influential extracurricular to participate in, especially when you have amazing teachers and great classmates!

—  Aaryan M., Student

What Can My Child Learn at Yamaha?

What Can My Child Learn at Yamaha?

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