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New Open House and Free Music Lessons Starting January

We're revving up for the new year and planning our January Open House and Free Music Lessons. You can join us any Saturday in January at 4:15pm for a free lesson, a group consultation with the owner of EVYMS, and more information about the Yamaha Music Education System.

If you're visiting for the first time and looking for piano lessons for your children, here are some articles about Yamaha you might enjoy:

You can reserve your spot at our Open House on our website or by calling our office at (480) 926-4441.

Custom EVYMS Fidget Spinners

If you are a current Yamaha Family, you can earn a custom EVYMS fidget spinner by referring a friend who registers for classes this January! Just make sure you give them a copy of the flyer you received in class, and we'll get you your promo gift.

You can also earn your own fidget spinner by staying on top of your practicing at home. If you practice seven days a week for four weeks, you'll have earned a spinner for yourself!

One final way to earn a spinner is to write a review of East Valley Yamaha Music School on our Facebook page, Google, or any social media platform AND share one of our facebook posts about the Open House sessions. Show this to the front desk and one of these spinners is yours to take home.

Have fun, and we'll see you in class!

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