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JOC and National Highlights Concert Results!

THE RESULTS ARE IN! Every year, Yamaha Music School holds an international concert for students who attend a Yamaha School. This national and international level concert showcases Yamaha students at their finest- performing classical repertoire as well as their very own compositions.

Students all around the country submitted videos at the beginning of February. We are very proud of our students who submitted. In order to be considered for this concert, the student must express interest and have the recommendation of their teacher. The hard work they did was incredible, and we had a fantastic time on February 1st recording these students as they played some truly gorgeous music.

We would like to congratulate all of our students who submitted!

From East Valley Yamaha Music School:

Merilyn Li, Mytreyi Trivedi, Medha Trivedi, Aadhya Kondapuram, Christian Armanti, Ananya Lakkaraju, Loriann Qing, Iris Li, Samhitha Rao, Luke Hoang, Sydney Kwan, Laura Hazelet, Sia Wadhwani, Steve Wongso, Ethan Tsay, Lillian Tang, Kylie Smith, Varin Hoskoti, Sumedh Sangam, Tony Liu, Jayden Liu, Emily Oswald, Vincent Oliver, Esha Marupudi, Victoria Xing

From North Phoenix Yamaha Music School:

Aditya Lakshminarasimhan, Roshan Kolagani

Please look through the results - all the students highlighted in yellow are from our wonderful school!

Stay safe, healthy, and filled with music.

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