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Music Education is Good for Your Child's Health

When you start your child in our music education program, they are beginning a lifetime of joy and appreciation for listening and playing music. Some parents choose the Yamaha method because they realize that it is a fun introduction to music. Some choose it because they know that it is great for training a young musician’s ear and nurturing a child’s creativity. Others choose it because children not only learn how to play the keyboard but also are involved in many activities important to the development of general musicianship.

But did you know enrolling in music lessons is good for your child's health?

For a number of years now, physicians, scientists and musicians have been studying how music affects people who participate in musical activities. The more publicized findings have to do with the positive effects keyboard study has on a child’s spatial-temporal reasoning, necessary to the understanding of math, science and engineering. And we know that statistics indicate that if your child participates in music, he or she is likely to earn higher grades and score better on standardized tests.

But researchers have also been studying the positive effects that music participation has on one’s health, including mood. The Yamaha Music and Wellness Institute (YMWI) has sponsored such studies, one of which is run by a dedicated interdisciplinary clinical research team at the San Diego Center for Children. Here is an excerpt from the YMWI website:

"Our research, published in the international research journal, Medical Science Monitor, shows for the first time that playing a musical instrument can reverse the DNA switches that turn on the human stress response and trigger biological processes that lead to many diseases. We now have the first scientific evidence demonstrating that active engagement in Recreational Music Making (RMM) can reduce the impact of stress on the DNA level."

Barry Bittman, MD, CEO of YMWI states, “Creative musical expression has great potential for reducing the impact of stress and enabling children to move beyond their perceived obstacles.”

What an amazing thing-- to think that enrolling your child in music lessons could positively affect their academics AND, what you cherish most, their good health.


Are you ready to start your child's music education? At East Valley Yamaha Music School we want you to have a chance to preview our classes, get to know our teachers, and experience the personal development our students gain through music. During two more days this fall, you can join us for a free music lesson and find out what makes our curriculum so unique!

Open House dates upcoming:

Saturday, August 25 at 4:15pm (register online)

Saturday, September 8 at 4:15pm (register online)

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