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Three EVYMS Students Chosen to Perform at 2016 National Junior Original Concert

Congratulations to Ty Promreuk, Kylie Smith, and Kevin Tang who have been chosen to perform their original pieces at the 2016 U.S. National Yamaha Junior Concert in Cerrito, California.

In additional to our three performers, we are proud of each EVYMS student who submitted an original composition to the NJOC this year. The following indicates the evaluation results:

Division 1: Ages 10 and younger


Saadhvi Sri Jayaram, Age 5: The Things I Love

Steve Wongso, Age 6: The Enigmatic Odyssey

Matthew Schoenthal, Age 8: The Grasshopper and the Dragonfly

Davis Nikolovski, Age 9: My Mischievous Brother

Loren Dipnarain, Age 10: Elusive Melody

Nina Yu, Age 10: Sunset River

Honorable Mention

Laura Hazelet, Age 6: Forest Suite

Ritwik Jayaraman, Age 9: The Legend of a Miner

James Nergard, Age 9: Mysterious Mind

Daphne Riordan, Age 10: Fireflies

Division 2: Ages 11 to 15


Ty Promreuk, Age 13: The Voyage of Life


Ryan Schoenthal, Age 11: An Exciting Journey

Kylie Smith, Age 11: Spy Cat

Luke Hoang, Age 13: Zechariah's Café

Hannah Tsay, Age 13: Seize the Day

Kevin Tang, Age 14: Fading

Honorable Mention

Sydney Kwan, Age 11: Benjamin the Bunny

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