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Summer Camps Starting July 10

Ready for this heat yet? Before we knew it summer was in full swing. Good thing for us playing the piano is an indoor activity!

Our summer schedule at EVYMS is in full swing, too. We have grade exams and skills surveys this week, as well as summer recitals starting on June 29. You can see a breakdown of the next two weeks on our Calendar page. And after that our real summer break begins with Summer Camps!

This year we are hosting some very fun camps for kids, including improvisation, composition, music fundamentals, and musical theatre. It's our second year hosting a musical theatre summer camp, and we are so excited about the fun our kids have putting on a show! Last year the kids practiced costume design, improv, and they were able to create their own characters based on their favorite cartoons and books.

Check out this slideshow from our summer camps last year, including music theatre:

For more details on summer camp activities and pricing this year, you can visit our Camps page. You can also register online to book your place here. Come play with us!

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